Malik Looks at Issues for Google AdSense and Other Ad Programs in 2006

Om Malik has compliled and written an excellent post that discusses what might be some big issues for AdSense and other programs in 2006. Om writes:

From scraper sites, to click fraud to trojan horses, looks like the most profitable money making mechanism, aka AdSense might be facing some tough times.

Malik’s post includes links to articles from:

+ Paul Kedrosky
Kedroksy predicts that click fraud will go “mainstream” in 2006.

Kedroksy writes:

With some estimating that in certain categories click-fraud accounts for as much as 20% of fees, this is a stock-schwacking issue, one that threatens the core of Google’s advertising business.

+ Charles Mann’s new three page article in Wired titled: How Click Fraud Could Swallow the Internet

and a very interesting report from TechShout that’s title says it all: A Trojan Horse program that targets Google ads has been detected by an Indian Web publisher.

Om adds that:

TechShout folks say that Google AdSense team confirmed the existence of these problems.

As the 80’s group Asia tells us, “only time will tell.”

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