Google Guys Invest in a Motion Picture Being Made by Friend

Via Philipp at Google Blogoscoped, an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that informs us that the Google Guys (Sergey and Larry) are investing in a film titled, ” Broken Arrows – the Movie” written and directed by a pal they met while at Stanford, Reid Gershbein.

Kopytoff writes:

The investment by Google’s founders may give insight into how they plan to use their deep pockets, a topic they have never discussed publicly. Although relatively thrifty, they have splurged on occasion, such as their film investment and buying a Boeing 767 jet to help ferry themselves and employees around the globe.

Is the film production unit of Google far off? How does Google Flicks or Google Cinema sound? They can make pal Gershbein in charge of production. Heck, original content to help drive Google Video and other services sure sounds like a good idea and something already being done at Yahoo. In the mean time, you’ve got to wonder if this new film might be one day vailable for download/rental on Google Video?

From the article:

Eventually, Google may allow owners of video rights to charge users for individual downloads. But Gershbein said he hadn’t discussed the possibility with anyone at Google.

For more on Google and the rental/selling/downloading of video content, take a look at some interesting research and writing by Garett Rogers from about a week ago.

Postscript: There is a 25MB trailer of the film linked on the film’s web site. However, I was unable to find it today while searching Google Video by title. However, I was able to find it today via Yahoo Video. (-:

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