Google Still Searching For Executive Chefs

Interviews for jobs at Google are known to be very difficult and demanding on potential job candidates. I wonder if the same “tough” interview approach also applies to those who want to cook for Googlers at the Mountain View Googleplex? Many months after Google started to look for a couple of new excutive chefs, they’re still looking.

Let’s review.

2005 was the year Google went looking for some chefs after Google’s first chef, the famous Charlie Ayers, left the company. Today, over a year after I first spotted the job postings and 5 months after the highly publicized Google “cook-off” I still noticed a job posting for executives chefs at the Googplex.

On December 28, 2004 I spotted two job positions at the Googleplex for a Lead Chef and On-Site Food Services Manager.

In May, 2005 we learned that Charlie Ayers, Google’s chef (the person Danny once called Google’s Chief Food Officer) decided to leave the company. Note: Since then, Charlie has set-up his own site (recipes, too!).

Then, in August 2005, and with a massive amount of mainstream press attention, Google announced cook-off to help find, select, and hire two executive chefs to cook and serve hungry Googler’s in Mountain View.

I’m mentioning this today because it appears that Google is still looking for two executive chefs. I recently came across the job posting and it remains online today.

No word on when the cook-off will be held.

Postscript: Thanks to Mike over at TechDirt for sharing this story about one chef’s day trying out for a position at Google. The story is headlined (a good one): Pressure cooker: One chef’s tryout at Google.

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