Happy 10th Birthday To Dogpile

Today, metasearch tool Dogpile begins celebrating its 10th birthday. Congrats! Here’s the Dogpile home page from December of 1996 and a USENET announcement from its original developer, Aaron Flin.

A decade is a long time both for technology and for me (I had a lot more hair on my head back then). These days, as many of my posts reflect, I’m a strong believer in meta/federated search concept and what it can potentially offer the searcher. It’s still far from perfect but the technology from various providers is getting better all of the time.

To celebrate their 10th birthday, the Dogpile team has put together a page of their “favorite combinations.” It’s a fun list and they invite users to submit their favorites.

Spoon + Fork=Spork
Turkey + Duck + Chicken=Turducken

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