No Google Cubes Coming, Says Google

We ain’t selling no computers at Wal-Mart. So
Google PR chieftain David Krane, in response to
rumors about
Google Cube personal computers or hardware devices being announced this week or
coming out at all. Krane says that Google rather partner with existing companies
(a number of whom are also big Google advertisers, don’t forget).

So what’s Google cofounder Larry Page going to talk about in his
keynote at
CES this week? Perhaps finally announcing the launch of pay-per-view video on
Google Video. Google’s
always said
that this was in the plans, and people are spotting further moves of it becoming
real, such as this screenshot
from Garett Rogers.

Meanwhile, for Google gadget diehards,
Internet search meets the
revisits the idea of either of the major search companies doing
hardware devices and how it’s more likely a case of powering search and content
within the devices of others.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, it was all about the Google Cube. Today, it’s about Google Video speculation.

New articles from Garett Rogers and Om Malik further the speculation that Google will offer new video services in the near future. Garett writes about some investigative work he’s done that allows him to speculate that a Google standalone video client is coming. Meanwhile, Om Malik reports that Larry Page will discuss an improved Google Video during his CES presentation on Friday.

Om writes:

It is some sort of a video distribution deal which has been in the works for a while. Maybe content on demand, or finally a strategy and partnership that gives direction to Google Video. Whatever it is, Googlers are pretty pumped about these recent developments.

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