YACFA: Yet Another Click Fraud Article & A New Click Fraud Test Underway

How Click Fraud
Could Swallow the Internet
 from Wired delivers unto us Yet Another
Click Fraud Article (forthwith known as YACFA) with relatively little that most
of you haven’t read before. Far, far more interesting is
The Truth About
Click Fraud
over at WebGuerrilla, which will hopefully take us beyond all
the stuff we’ve heard before. More on the both, below.

The Wired article has a few more details from a “repentant” click frauder,
sure. But it also has all the same click fraud stats that no one is sure whether
to believe, including the article itself. Nice basic overview if you’re coming
up to speed; an easy skim for those who’ve read it before.

Greg Boser over at WebGuerilla was already about to vomit at the never-ending
stream of articles on the problem of click fraud, and I know exactly how he
feels. Yes, it’s a problem — we got it. But can we get at stats that might not
be skewed for
various reasons

To get at the answer, he’s conducting a test involving a click box he’s built
that’s to hit (or already hitting) a set of sample sites. Then later this month,
he’s promising to publish the results. FYI, he’s paying for the ads that will be
tested, so no one will actually get hit with a bill — other than Greg himself.

FYI, if you really haven’t had enough articles about click fraud, the

Search Ads: Clickfraud
section of Search Engine Watch for SEW
members will
take you back among them for literally years. Click fraud sickness bags are not
provided. Here’s
one of the
earliest, from 2001 over at Wired.

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