Google Wants Your Feedback About Their New “Bigdaddy” Data Center

Google’s Matt Cutts offers a FAQ of sorts with information about the new “Bigdaddy” data center that Matt mentioned about a month ago in a response to a post on his blog. In this new blog post Matt says that Google is now ready to collect feedback about the new center.

Matt’s post answers such popular questions as to where did the Bigdaddy name come from? Answer: a session at PubCon.

BigDaddy is visible from two data centers:

Cutts says that Bigdaddy will eventually become the default source of web results in one to two months (a guess).

Matt goes on to say that the Google is looking for quality feedback about results about Bigdaddy and adds that site: searches are improved from all Google data centers.

He writes:

We?d like to get general quality feedback. For example, this data center lays the groundwork for better canonicalization, although most of that will follow down the road. But some improvements are already visible with site: searches. The site: operator now returns more intuitive results (this is actually live at all data centers now).

Matt adds that our SEW Forums would be a good place to share your comments about Bigdaddy. Some discussion is already underway in this thread. Make sure to share your thoughts.

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