MrSapo Tweaks Its Appearance

MrSapo Search World is a very easy to use service that allows the searcher, with quick clicks, to check search results and move back-and-forth between the native interfaces of the numerous general and specialized search tools Sapo provides access to. I recently noticed that the site has a new, cleaner look and slighly modified logo. The many (and growing) search engines it provides access to are now found (be default) on the left side of the page. If you want them back in their original location, no problem. Just click the “menu location” link.

When the site first launched in late 2004, I wasn’t a frequent user. However, as 2005 moved along, I found myself the service it more and more. Yes, opinions can and do change and in the case of MrSapo, my thoughts on the service have done a 180. It’s a must have web research tool.

One option I would love to have, especially in the general engine category, is to the engines listed in alphabetical order and perhaps a pop-up with info about the engine (syntax, advanced features, etc.). Quick access to this type of info could be a real time saver before selecting an engine. It would also make MrSapo and even more useful teaching tool.

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