Still No Timeline As To When New Users Sign-Ups Will Be Available for Google Analytics

The Computerworld article: Google Analytics still off limits to new users, by Juan Carlos Perez reports that Google is not offering a timeline (except saying that they hope it’s by midyear) when new users will be able to register and use the free service that launched in November.

This week, a Google official declined to even give a ballpark estimate of when the company will resume sign-ups for the service, saying only that he expects that to happen at some point before midyear. “We’re increasing capacity to add more customers as quickly as we can. We want to make sure every customer that comes on has an ideal experience, so we?re working hard on the capacity issue,” said Richard Holden, director of product management for Google Analytics, on Tuesday.

Only days after its launch as a free service, new users were no longer able to register. This post from November 20th tells the story.

The three page article also includes comments from users who not only hope Google increases the backbone for Google Analytics but also improves its customer service.

Jupiter Research analyst Eric Peterson said that customer support has been a big challenge for Google Analytics since the stampede of new users joined back in November. “The major problem people are having is the one we predicted all along: that it’s not very well supported,” he said.

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