Google Gets Into Motorola Cell Phones With Mobile Search

Motorola and Google Align for Mobile Search
is the official word from Google
and Motorola that they are teaming up in a mobile search partnership. Motorola
is to insert a Google button into "internet-optimized" phones beginning by the
end of March 2006, worldwide. The button will take users to Google search

The BBC reports
that eventually, Motorola will incorporate a Google link into all of its phones.
Google has a variety of mobile search services, and Search Engine Watch
members can read
up on them via the

Google: Mobile
category in
Search Topics.

Recently, Google released a special
search application
for Java-enabled phones. It also
maintains web and image search designed
for mobile phones,
a more restricted index of mobile-friendly pages, along with SMS
search features.

As for other mobile partnerships, Google has one with
T-Mobile and
way back in 2001 partnered with
Sprint, though
that might not still be going. I’m checking up on others and will postscript as

Postscript: Here’s another mobile phone/web partnership. Sprint and Yahoo began offering an enhanced client for Yahoo Mail last June.

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