Google Maps in 3D and Another Source for Interactive 3D Maps,

Via GB, a note about a demo from Japan that offers 3D views of Google Maps. Unfortunately, I had issues with it (I did use Firefox 1.5). Another service that offers a 3-D map views is Maps 24 from Germany.

They’ve offered the 3D option for some time. The problem is that it’s not easy to find and use. Btw, as you’ll notice on the Maps 24 homepage, maps are available for several countries (including all of Europe) and the interface in several languages. Let’s see if I can give you a quick overview on how to access:

1) Make sure your Java is activate
2) Enter a street address and city, state, Zip or plan a route (driving directions).
3) Make sure the “interactive” option is selected (upper right corner.
4) Note the toolbar in the upper left corner (zoom-in, zoom out, measure distance between points, open in a separate window, etc.) and the 3-D viewing option in the lower right corner.
5) Note the pull-down to various locations to the map. For example, hospitals, theaters, etc.
Note: It’s also possible to use Maps24 and access driving directions. What’s cool here is that you can “view” your route in motion, like a short film. They call it “Route Flight.”
6) Need more help? Here’s the FAQ.

+ Maps 24 Europe
+ Maps 24 North America
+ Maps 24 Brazil
+ Maps 24 Middle East

Perhaps an easier to use interface to begin searching with Maps24 is available via Yahoo Maps UK especially if you’re looking for European info. However, the 3D and “Route Flight” tools are unavailable.

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