Dogpile Doing Product Placement on Television

Over on Search Engine Journal, Loren posts that Dogpile (they’re celebrating their 10th birthday) is doing some “product placement” on various television programs.

His post includes a link to a Seattle Times article (Dogpile is part of Seattle’s InfoSpace) says placements have been seen on the season premiere of CBS’ “Ghost Whisperer” and the A&E reality show “Growing Up Gotti.”

On A&E’s “Growing Up Gotti,” for instance, Victoria Gotti uses to search Ellis Island records for her great-grandfather.

Perhaps Dogpile’s biggest challenge is not only getting people to know about the service but also understand what it offers versus non-meta engines. A few week’s ago I mentioned that two of the top five search terms entered into a Dogpile search box in 2005 were Google and Yahoo. As you know, results from both of these engines are already included in Dogpile result sets.

About a year ago, Danny blogged about mentions of A9 and Ask Jeeves on The OC. If memory serves me correctly, an episode of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm included a shopping bag with the Ask Jeeves logo on it. The Ask Jeeves balloon has also made appearances in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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