Terry Semel’s CES Keynotes Includes Visits from Tom Cruise and Ellen DeGenres; Semel Says “Walled Gardens” are a Thing of the Past

Update: A vidcast of Terry Semel’s CES keynote is now available for online viewing or downloading. Click here, then scroll to the “Most Recent Episodes” section. It’s the first link.

This morning, Yahoo’s CEO Terry Semel along with help from Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Cruise, gave his keynote speech at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Endgadget offers a detailed minute-by-minute review (very RustyBrick like) of his remarks.

90 million users in Yahoo Groups. 2 billion minutes/month on Yahoo games. 250 million Yahoo Mail users, supposedly largest in world. 2 billion images on Yahoo photos. “We always thought the Internet was never about one killer app.”

Yahoo Go products have 4 features
– Seamless experience
– Knows what device it’s on and will adapt to screen etc
– Personalized
– Built on an open platform

Yahoo Go involves little apps called Yahoo Widgets on a Yahoo Dashboard. It looks a lot like Konfabulator…

+ Yahoo is not going to make gadgets. We’re here to partner with you
+ We have 400 million users who have spent a lot of time setting up their world
+ Personally I think walled gardens are a thing of the past

News.com also has coverage and mentions a couple of technical glitches Semel and COO Dan Rosenzweig ran into during the presentation.

From the Elinor Mills News article:

While trying to demonstrate the new Yahoo Go TV, which allows people to access Yahoo content and services through a Windows XP-based PC connected to a TV, the Internet connection failed.

After Cruise left the stage, Semel said, “I guess if you’re going to have a demo glitch, (there is no) better way to follow it up than with Tom Cruise.”

I wonder if Mr. Cruise or various other A-List celebs are available to come onstage when I’m giving a presentation and have a technical glitch? (-:

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