Google Video Player Removed From Downloads of Google Video Pack

Several people have sent along notes this weekend and I’ve seen a few blog postings mentioning that the new Google Video Player has been removed from downloads of the new Google Pack that went live on Friday evening.

Digital Inspiration has a screen cap of the Google Pack download page at launch where you can see the video player listed. A look at the live page as of this afternoon, shows it awol.

Presently, the Google Video Store is still not open. I wouldn’t doubt that’s why the player has been removed from the pack? Of course, one would ask why they included it in the pack in the first place if they knew the store wasn’t opening yet? At least with all of attention (and downloads the pack must be getting) placing the Google Video Player onto a system now would save the user time once the store opens. I wonder if the Google Updater (also part of the “pack” will notify users if/when the player becomes available again? Whatever the case, it would have been nice if Google would have posted a note about the change on the Google Blog, the Google Video Blog, the Google Video Group or in the Google Pack help section. There is no Google Pack discussion group.

When will the Google Video Store open? Danny used the word “soonish” in his post on Friday.

If you’re looking for other services (in addition to iTunes to download and view new/classic movies and tv shows) check out this post where I have links to several other services. Btw, I’ve been watching movies all weekend with Vongo. Very impressive and the price ($9.99 for unlimited access) is right.

Postscript From Danny: Vongo is less impressive if you are outside the United States. In that case, it just gives you a message saying that it’s not available to those outside the US. Pretty sucky, Vongo gang. That means I cannot even see anything in general about your site if I wanted to, hmm, maybe write about it.

Postscript from Gary: Danny is right. It would be nice if, at the least, Vongo and other “U.S. only services” like MovieLink, would offer some info about their service to those visiting their sites from outside the U.S. PaidContent’s Staci Kramer, who also has a great post about Vongo, told me that Starz, the owner of Vongo, does not have distribution rights outside the U.S. “If they couldn’t promise geo-coding, the service wouldn’t be live,” she told me. Staci also pointed out this post that includes a reply from Vongo about the organizatioin of the way the site is organized soon so those outside the U.S. can at least learn about the service.

Btw, Netimperative reports that LOVEFiLM, a popular mail-based DVD rental service in the UK, is going to offer a movie download service for UK subscribers.

At launch, the movie download service will include some 500 movies from major studios and independents, including Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Alexander and Batman, with more titles added over time. All titles will cost from £2.99 per download. The service works with Microsoft Windows Media Player version 10, which provides a digital rights management system, security and anti-piracy control.

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