Jennifer Feikin, Director of Google Video, Interviewed on has just posted a brief interview (video) with Jennifer Feikin, director of Google Video, about the Google Video Store.

Selected comments from Feikin to questions from Bambi Francisco:

On Apple iTunes comparisons, competion

It’s actually quite a different model. It’s the first open video marketplace where content owners of any sort can have their content owners store and can decide how they want to sell it,for what price, and also gives users a very wide variety of content…

On pricing and purchase models

We really wanted this to be an open marketplace. So, different content owners are going to decide on different prices and they’re also going to figure out different models of different genres of content. What we really felt is that we’re in the first minute of a 24 hour day of video content online and content owners should be able to experiment with different prices, different type of business models for different genres of content…

On the payment system for the Google Video Store

So, the payment system is just a feature of Google Video so that people can have a very easy way of paying for content…Once they see a 30 second preview of the content on Google Video they are prompted to purchase the content and at that point it’s downloaded to their Google Video Player and they’re charged for it.

On Revenue Sharing and Copyright Protection

The content producers get the large majority of the revenue share, it’s a very generous revenue share and copyright protection is optional. We’ve created a technology for copyright protection that content owners can have on or off.

On downloading to mobile devices

You actually can download non-copyright protected content to the PSP and the iPod and that’s the choice of the content owner.

On Google deciding to create their own DRM (digital rights management) software, why not use what’s already out there?

We wanted it to be very simple and very easy and so we wanted it to be a very good user experience and at the same time we wanted to create something that would be secure enough for the content owners we were working with. So this particular copyright protection has done both of those things.

On Feikin’s vision for Google Video a year from know, two years from know.

I think the real vision is getting content out to the users. What they want, when they want, how they want it and the first step was really figuring out how to get the greatest catalog of content which is Google’s core mission, right, to organize the world’s information. So, it’s really about a huge breadth of content and so in order to get the most breadth of content we needed to create a payment system so that the could actually charge for content and integrate that feature into Google Video. So, that’s sort of the step where we’re at today. The next steps will be to get more content and continue figure out how to get the service out to the end user wherever they may be. Whether it’s on their portable device, heater they’re at home but it’s really going to be a marriage of increasing the content on Google Video as well as getting it out to different areas where users want to use it.

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