Google Text Ads Now Appearing in Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper

Philipp points to a story from Crain’s Chicago Business that the Chicago Sun-Times, a daily newspaper, is now “experimenting” by “running classified-like ads in the pages of the Sun-Times.”

The deal, terms of which were not disclosed, allows Google to fill what’s known as “remnant space” in the Sun-Times ? unsold space where the paper would normally run in-house ads. Google fills those spots with its own ads. The Google connection is hardly trumpeted: “Ads by Google” appears at the top of each box of ads in very small type.

According to the story the ads began appearing about a month ago and as of today only 15 have appeared. We also read that the Google ads have appeared near relevant related content.

On Dec. 12, for instance, Google ads touting ticket brokers, White Sox apparel and Chicago Bears memorabilia ran in the Sports section.

This will be an interesting test to watch. The Sun-Times is part of Hollinger International, a company that owns a lot of papers in the Chicago area (I used to work for a chain of suburban weeklies owned they own) and in Canada. Will Google ads begin appearing in some of these extremely localized publications?

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