Googling For Google Keynote Video

Gary wrote
about the AOL acquisition of Truveo, which talks about how it will supposedly do
a better job than other video search engines in finding relevant, timely
content. I’m going to rope Gary into doing some testing, which should be fun.
But I thought I’d try a quick one myself. What do I get in a search for Google
on these services? In my mind, if they are timely, I should get something about
the Google keynote at CES last year. Let’s go!

  • Truveo
    : Cool, there’s 9 minute clip
    provided by,
    right at the top. And the other clips listed are in order of upload, so they
    all seem relevant to the most recent Google news.
  • Google: Nada,
    nothing. But I was intrigued by this

    Google Local and the Kansas City Royals
    commercial, put online by Google
    itself. My guess is this was played during Kansas City Royals games on the big
    screens during the game. But what if I

    by date? Will that get me the keynote? Nope. How about if I look for
    google ces? No
    results at all. What happened? Google Video doesn’t crawl the web, so it’s not
    going to find the great clip.

  • Yahoo
    : Nothing.

    google ces
    ? Nothing. Sort by date maybe? Not an option. Unlike Google,
    Yahoo does crawl the web, so the absence of content is notable.
    Heading over to Yahoo News and

    the AV
    No luck.

  • AOL Singingfish
    : Nothing, nor anything with

    google ces
    , even though Singingfish crawls.

  • YouTube
    : Same as AOL & Yahoo, no luck. But like Google, YouTube has the
    excuse of not crawling the web.

  • Blinkx
    : At the bottom of the list, and if I use the little slider to sort
    by date, it moves up a bit.

Overall, Truveo delivered well. But this is also involving a current events
query. If I really wanted that old Brady Bunch episode, it won’t come through
for me on that.

In the end, you’re likely to see video search get just as refined as web
search did — video search for news, video search for entertainment, videocasts
and so on.

Postscript from Gary
Although they DO NOT offer access to the report of the keynote, AOL Video Search has a number of current video news stories about Google.

Also, Yahoo News (limited to audio/video content) has a recent Reuters report (video) and an NPR story about the Google/AOL deal.

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