Ready Reference Databases: AcronymFinder Adds New Search Features one of the most well-known human-edited acronym and abbreviation databases on the open web has introduced a few new search features that make the service potentially more useful to researchers. What’s new is explained in detail on the Acronym Blog.

In a nutshell:
+ New “Rank” Section on Results Pages
“Rank is our measure of the relative “commonness”, “popularity” or “relevance” of the meaning of an acronym… Results are sorted by decreasing rank, which means the most commonly used meanings will be listed first. ” An alphabetical sort is also available.

+ Categories
Neat! “The table of search results now has tabs at the top showing the categories and how many definitions we have in each category. The default search shows all definitions. Click on the text in a category to show only the definitions from that category using the default rank order, as above…The category tabs also work in both acronym and reverse lookup searches.”

+ Search within these results
In the upper right of the table of results you’ll see a link for “Search within these results”. Searching within results can be done only if you know one of the words in the meaning. Type in that word (or a portion of the word), and press Enter or the Go button and your results will be based on the acronym you first typed in, but only acronyms with meanings containing the word or word fragment you typed in. The blog post also has an example search and info about a shortcut to access this feature.

AcronymFinder also powers the “acronym or abbreviation” (only) search box on Ask Jeeves.

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