National Stereotypes, Search Activity, Package Tracking & More All Mapped

Thanks to Philipp Lenssen and Nacho Hernandez for alerting us to few new uses of Google Maps and other mapped info. Track your packages, see how people are searching across the world in light and what people think about national stereotypes, all mapped.

+ This is not your run of the mill package traking service but actually allows you to see the routing of your FedEx, UPS, or USPS package. Cool!

+ Google is offering a map that highlights various users of the Google Mini around the United States and Canada. You can view users by industry or all users. Click and you’ll receive a pop-up with the name of the company, info on how the mini is used and a testimonial from a person at that company. An impressive use of Google Maps as a marketing tool.

+ The Prejudice Map is a service that Philipp Lenssen has created that combines Google Web Search with a Google Map. What does the map show? For each country, Lenssen has run the Google search, “xxx are known for *” (Examples, “Australians are known for *”, “Canadians are known for *”, and many other countries and then placed some of the terms he found on the map. No one can ever claim that Philipp doesn’t find interesting uses for Google search results.

+ Finally, GB points to this fascinating animated visualization (via Information Aesthetics) that animates daily Google search query distribution across world in 2003.” The data comes from Google Labs. I would love to see how this would compare with query distribution last year.

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