Google Trademarking The Word Beta

No, not really. But one of our SEW Forum

points over to In Search Of Stuff, where

2006 isos Search Predictions
suggests humorously that this will be the year
that Google decides to trademark the word "beta." Others I liked:

  • Search will be integrated with everything from mobile phones to
    microwaves, but people will continue to use their browser to search, their
    mobile phones to make calls and their microwave to reheat 4 day old pizza
    that is ?still good?.
  • The Hilton in Paris will continue to pay well over the odds for PPC
    traffic, and leave many punters bitterly disappointed when they arrive at
    their site.
  • Google release rel=?this_link_is_not_paid_I_promise? link attribute.

A good chuckle. Thanks Scottie and Mike. My prediction is that
Gray Hat Search Engine News will
either challenge ISOS for a duel over who can have the funniest satire site
about search or that the two will merge.

Speaking of betas, Stop Press!
Google Product Leaves BETA
covers how Gray Hat is in disbelief that a Google
product has left beta.

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