Quaero, the European Developed Multimedia Engine, Gets Press Attention

An AP story as well one in Pandia discuss, Quaero, a multimedia engine in development, that’s being billed as “Europe’s answer to Google.”

Quaero is set to be a multimedia engine so a direct comparison with Google seems off the mark. However, the word Google in a story gets people to pay attention.

Btw, this the same search project that Danny first blogged about first blogged about last August and again in September where he points out that France’s Thomson once owned a multimedia search engine named Singingfish which is now owned by AOL.

From the AP:

So far Quaero is just a scattering of top tech minds in labs across France and Germany, working on what they hope will be the world’s most advanced multimedia search engine.

“We must meet the global challenge of the American giants Google and Yahoo,” [French President Jacques] Chirac said in an address last week laying out his policy priorities for 2006.

But details are scant. None of the key players — including Thomson, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom — would comment on cost.

Yes, that’s the same Thomson that once owned Singingfish.

Lars Våge is much more positive about the project in his Pandia post versus the AP story:

From Pandia:

A presentation of Quaero will be held at the Agance de l?innovation industrielle (AII) in January.

Will Quaero to some extent be able to recognize the contents of an image? Any way it seems that Quaero has more advanced technology in this area than e.g. Yahoo! or Google.

Several companies are involved in the Quaero project along with Thompson. AFP?s article mentions Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom, and the search engine Exalead. This is very promising ? Exalead has an interface that makes Google look out of date.

Quareo means search in Latin and it will be exciting to do just that when Quero is launched. This will hopefully happen in spring.

Learn more: Direct to Quaero’s home page.

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