Google Personalized Goes Mobile

Today, your Google personalized home page has gone mobile. The new service reformats your personalized page for your phone or mobile device. The service is available for any phone or device that has an XHTML capable browser and SSL (for login/security purposes).

Deep Nishar, Director of Wireless Products at Google, told us that the new service is basically a direct conversion of the web-based personalized home page to your mobile device. For example, if your Gmail, RSS headlines, top new stories, etc. are on your personalized page, you can now find them on your phone.

Simply enter into your mobile browser and you should be taken directly to the Google Mobile site. Then, look for the “Google Personalized” link at the bottom of the page. Login and away you go. After you login once, a cookie is saved, and you shouldn’t have to go through the login process again. Nishar said it’s all about “minimizing typing” for the mobile user. Of course, if your device/phone crashes or you flush your cookies, you’ll need to go through the login process again. Btw, at this point the Google Personalized home page for mobile devices and phones is only available in English.

Yahoo has offered a mobile version of their My Yahoo since March 2005. Yahoo also offers numerous types of alerts (including keyword-based news) delivered to mobile devices via SMS.

Another mobile service that also offers some personalized features is 4INFO, what they call My 4INFO. These features are available for their SMS (text message) service (they also offer services for mobile and regular web) and allow a user to set up shortcuts and create SMS delivered alerts.

Postscript: If entering into your mobile browser doesn’t work, try:

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