Google Offers New Versions of Google Mini Search Appliance, Fast Search and NY Times Company Announce Deal

Two enterprise search notes today. One from Google and the other from Fast Search and Transfer.

First, Elinor Mills reports that Google is offering two new versions of the Google Mini.

One of the new Google Minis will be priced at just under $6,000 and will be able to search up to 200,000 documents on corporate Web sites and intranets. The second will be priced at just under $9,000 and will be able to handle 300,000 documents, said Rajen Sheth, product manager of Google’s enterprise division.

Next, Fast Search and Transfer has announced a few new clients for their enterprise search technology. We now learn that the company has just signed deals with The New York Times Company (all of their newspapers including the Boston Globe and International Herald Tribune) and the MediaNews Group (53 newspapers and sites including the Denver Post,, Los Angeles Daily News, and Oakland Tribune). The NY Times deal calls for Fast search technology to be used across the organization including public web sites while MediaNews will use Fast for their public web sites. I blogged about several other Fast deals, including one with Citysearch, a few weeks ago.

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