Ad or Promo? Google Pitching CSI, NBA Video On Google Home Page

A reader of John’s Searchblog points out that Google is now advertising or promoting (you decide) fee-based videos (CSI and the NBA) from the Google Video Store on the Google home page.

Since this is fee-based content, the Searchblog reader considers it an ad on the home page (not a promo). John adds that he can’t see the advertisement/promo (you decide) on his computer but here in Maryland/DC area, I’m seeing it. Here’s a screen cap. Also note the “promo” for the Google Pack.

Google is a company and it needs to make a profit. (-: Honestly, what I see today doesn’t bother me. As Google grows and offers more fee-based services I’ll bet we see more promos or ads (again, the decision is yours) for fee-based services (whatever they may be) on the home page. How can people use and purchase (revenue for Google) something if they don’t know if it’s available? Remember, many people ONLY know the page, period.

Sure, Google could simply run an ad/promo and say “Try Google Video” or “Have You Watched a Video Today” but actually providing examples of what’s available (including a very popular show) likely make the links much more “clickworthy.” If this type of thing continues and you really don’t like it (and are wedded to the interface) I guess you could ask a service like CustomizeGoogle to create an easy method to remove the text. Right now, users of this popular Mozilla add-on can remove paid listings (and do lots of other stuff) from almost all of Google’s services with just one-click. Of course, many other ad removal tools also exist.

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