How To Do Search Business Partnerships With Yahoo

I met up with Yahoo’s Joel Toledano at SES NY 2005 last year, and he pitched
me on a great idea, a session about how to do business partnerships with search
engines. As director of business development for Yahoo Search, Joel’s had plenty
of bad pitches but also doesn’t want to miss out on a good idea pitched the
wrong way. We put the session on the agenda for SES San Jose, but I couldn’t get
any of the other major search engines to confirm! So in the end, I pulled the
session, a very rare occurrence. Want to see what Joel would have told you? He’s
just posted slides that he presented to a CalTech session last month. More
details in his post on the Yahoo Search Blog:
Partnering with Yahoo!
Heck, maybe I’ll finally get that session going again for SES San Jose 2006,

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