Quero’s Web Site Goes into Hiding

It was just the other day when I posted links to a couple of articles about Quaero, the multimedia engine that’s being developed in Europe by several companies including Thomson. Our post also included a link to the Quaero web site where you could learn more. If you go to the Quaero site today, it’s only accessible if you have a password. What happened?

Thanks to Staci Kramer over at PaidContent.org for pointing to this IDG article that says the site the recent press attention and scrutiny that the service (informational only) was receiving did not make Frank Dangeard, the chairman of Thomson, happy According to the article he’s imposed a “news blackout” and made the informational site password protected.

“There’s been a lot of noise and our chairman decided we should stop making any comments until a more official press event,” said Thomson spokesman Philippe Paban.

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