Loomia Offers Podcast/Vidcast Search, Personalized Recommendation Service Now Available for Site Developers

A new post and positive comments from Greg Linden along with posts from SiliconBeat and an older post and company profile from Michael Arrington at TechCrunch all point to a podcast/vidcast search and recommendation service named Loomia that launched last June.

Linden, who is the CEO of Findory and someone who knows a thing or two about personalization and recommendation services writes:

Loomia [is] easy to use and, impressively, is able to make reasonable recommendations even with just a few ratings. It seems like a useful way to discover interesting podcasts that might be difficult to find on your own.

Linden goes on to write about his experience using Loomia by saying that, “recommendations seemed a bit slow and seemed to tilt toward popular items and away from the tail.” However, overall, he’s positive about Loomia, a company that’s based in San Francisco.

Btw, Loomia launched Loomia Recommendations last week. This service allows site owners and content producers to add personalized recommendations to their web site(s) with just a few click and at no charge. Matt has more about this service in his post.

I haven’t spent much time using Loomia but it’s on my short list of tools to spend some time reviewing in the very near future. I will that a read of Loomia’s FAQ not only offers info about the service but also offers a easy to read intro to podcasting and vidcasting (how it works, how to do it). Perfect for web search trainers!

Personalized recommendation services are exploding on the web. We have just a few of many examples listed here and here. Additionally, if you’re specifically looking for music recommendation sites and services, Richard Akerman maintains a list of seveal of them.

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