More Google Mentions on Saturday Night Live

Last night was the first new Saturday Night Live program since the Yahoo, MapQuest, and Google mention in the now famous “Lazy Sunday” video. Last night’s show included two Google mentions along with one about the European multimedia engine (in development), Quaero.

After the opening monologue from guest host Scarlett Johansson, the show featured a skit about a new MTV Channel (MTV 4, “The Alternative to the Alternative”) that airs a song about “Googling.” Cast member, Amy Poehler, portrays a singer (Kaylesha Kane) who sings a song about “‘Googling’ her man.”

From the transcript:

I told my boyfriend to hold to the phone, I had to Google something while I was alone. I Google his name and did a Google search and what I found made my stomach hurt Google found a picture of my boyfriend and you I recognized him from his Bart Simpson tattoo. Why did i goo goo Google him goo goo Google goo goo Google I’m through through through with him. Don’t Google your man.

She then sits down with the program’s host and is asked what people can find about her if they were to search for info on Google.

From the transcript:

Host: If i were to Google you, what would i find? Give us some concert dates.
Kane: Well, on March 1st, I’m gonna be singing at the Paul Sebastian hair show early in the morning. And that afternoon, I’m opening the George Takei gay/lesbian center in Hotlanta. [laughter] and then later that evening, I’m gonna be singing at a hepatitis benefit. And the rest of the month, I’m gonna be running errands, I hate errands.

Funny stuff. Could this also be some satire on the type of info you find when searching the web?

The second web search mention is in the Weekend Update news segment. This time Amy Poehler talks about Quaero. Visible behind her is a slide with the word Quaero (in the Google font and colors) with the word’s “French Google” below it.

From the transcript:

The French have launched their own version of Google called Quaero. You just type in the subject you are interested in, and Quearo refuses to look it up for you.

I’m sure this will make Thomson chairman, Frank Dangeard happy, NOT!

For facts sake, companies from several countries are developing Quaero.

At this point in time, I was unable to find video clips or transcripts of these skits on either Google Video or YouTube. I would bet they’ll be there soon.

Thanks to my friends at TVEyes (the people who provide Podscope) for help in accessing the mechanically generated transcripts.

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