Tools that Optimize Web Content for Mobile Web: Google Joins Skweezer and IYHY

Since lots of web content has not been optimized for the mobile web, thanks to Nathan Weinberg* at InsideGoogle for the news tip about a new (it’s new to me) resource from Google that optimizes most html-based web pages for a mobile phone, PDA or any other wireless device with a web browser. You’ll find the interface here. No documentation is available.

Google is not the first to offer this type of service. I’ve been using Skweezer for about six months but the it has been around for much longer. It works well. You don’t have to register to use Skweezer but if you do (free), you can personalize the home page and basically create your own mobile ready web portal.

This handy user guide explains the Skweezer’s features and how their patent-pending technology works. Questions? A user forum is also available.

I’ve also just learned about another player in this (will check out soon) space named IYHY that also optimzes content for mobile web browsers. More about the service here. It comes from WebJillion.

Try them all and see which service works best for your needs and browser.

* On a personal note, a big congratulations to Nathan on his his just announced engagement to Raquel. The wedding will be this summer.

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