No Page Reload Required: See Sponsored Ads in Various Categories on Yahoo Movies Pages

Is Yahoo testing something new with sponsored links on some pages found on Yahoo Movies?

Allow me to explain.

Sponsored links on Yahoo Movie pages for thousands of films and actors are found at the very bottom of the page in a box labeled “sponsored links.” Here’s an example using one the page for one of the best (IMHO) films of 2005, Good Night, And Good Luck.

Once at the bottom of the page you should see the ad box.

What’s interesting (and possibly new) is that instead of seeing actual ads and links, you should spot links to various ad categories. For example, George Clooney (the director of GNGL, he also acts in it), Satellite television, Movie posters, Movie by mail, etc.

So where are the actual ads?

Click on any ad category and a new box should open below with the actual ads and links. To view ads in a different category, the user can simply select another category and a new box with new ads will immediately appear. In other words, the user can look at a variety of ad categories without having to reload the page. Interesting.

If for some reason you’re unable to see these ads, I’ve posted screen caps here, here, and here.

I’m checking with Yahoo to see if this is something they’re just testing or a new feature. Also, will ask if are they’re doing this on other Yahoo sites?

Postscript from Danny: See also Interactive & graphical enhanced ad units from Yahoo’s ContentMatch at JenSense for similar units elsewhere.

Want to discuss? Here’s an SEW Forums thread.

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