Google Base & The v7ndotcom elursrebmem SEO Contest

Damn — just when I
thought I
could ignore the latest SEO contest, it does something interesting. First, Greg
Rockstar Boser

that while Yahoo already has picked up 130 matches for v7ndotcom
elursrebmem (and I
see 296
myself, right now), Google comes in with zilch. Since the keywords for the
contest were only
today, one conclusion is that Yahoo is much faster at Google in
gathering new content. (Another conclusion is that Matt

Cutts over at Google is rallying the troops to keep v7ndotcom
elursrebmem content out of Google).

Whatever, the case,
Google isn’t

has no matches while
Ask Jeeves
comes in with two. But Threadwatch
reports Google results that
not everyone can see. These appear to be flowing from Google Base into regular
Google. Whether you see them seems to depend on whether Google has decided you
are in the right country, frame of mind, hitting the right cluster, got the
right cookie or some other semi-voodoo factor to show them to you.

Be sure to see the
at Threadwatch or the
Barry does complete with highlighting over at Search Engine
Roundtable. You’ll see the special “Home Page:” or “More About” or “Author”
links coming along with the listings.

Funky results not enough for you? Want to join the contest. Well, you’ll find
the rules of the originating contest
here. The prize
is $4,000 plus an iPod. Do a bit more work as explained

, and you could pick up an
additional $3,000.

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