Pay-Per-Call Needs Local Advertisers to Be Successful

A new Clickz column by Phil Stelter: Local Opportunity Is Calling, offers an excellent look at the meeting of local advertising and pay-per-call advertising. He believes that local is what will “determine” pay-per-calls “fate.” For those not up-to-speed on the topic, Stelter’s column will also serves as a good overview on the topic.

Stelter also shares some stats via The Kelsey Group.

  • Kelsey estimates 350,000 companies participate in PPC
  • Nearly 7 million companies advertise in the Yellow Pages

The Future
Phil goes on to list what he believes are several “essential” elements that must be in place for pay-per-call to succeed including, “a model local advertisers and agencies are prepared to adopt” and “a user interface or method that online shoppers are prepared to use.” He argues that no one, to this point, has put all of these and other elements together

The article includes list and links to key players and initiatives in the pay-per-call space.

What I found most useful is the section where the differences between pay-per-call and similar types of services like click-to-call are explained.

Finally, Stelter suggests taking a look at this new Clickz article: Why Pay-Per-Call Advertising Needs Ad Agencies, where Hollis offers a list of pay-per-call best practices along with a Kelsey Group Report that’s summarized in this Clickz article from last June

Kudos to both Phil and Hollis on writing two interesting and very useful columns.

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