MSN Search Blogs On DOJ Request

Now up at the MSN Search blog is a much better

about the request they received from the US Department Of Justice
and what MSN provided. It stresses that no personal information was handed over.
I’ve said that over and over in my blog posts on the subject, that no
personal information was involved
, but it bears repeating.

The trust issue of handing over so much information still remains, of course.
The Day After:
Points In The Search Trust Sweepstakes
covers that in more detail and why I
think so many fear that even though it wasn’t a privacy thing this time, it
might be next time.

Probably the best thing about the MSN post is that you can comment on it. So
if you want to tell MSN you aren’t worried about what they handed over, want
them to explain more or want to express your concern, the blog’s a great
opportunity to do that.

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