Fee-Based Support and Consulting for Google Analytics Now Available

The News.com story: Google offers fee-based online ad analytics, reports that Google has teamed with Zaaz (a Seattle-based interactive agency) to offer fee-based support for Google Analytics users who need more support, consulting, and training that’s available from the free version of the service.

Zaaz will offer high-end data analysis and marketing services including accuracy audits and data collection best practices, forecasting models, competitive analysis and site optimization.

The full text of the Zaaz press release is available here.

In terms access to the free version of Google Analytics, the GA site says that another batch of invites went out last week to people who have “expressed an interest” in the service via email.

From the site:

Today, we sent out another batch of invitations to many of you who expressed interest in a Google Analytics account. If you have not received an invitation, please continue to be patient. Although we are adding system capacity every day, the demand for Google Analytics accounts still outpaces our ability to add resources. We are working hard and will continue to send out invitations as frequently as we can.

Google once again began offering invites to register for the Google Analytics service on January 11, 2006.

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