Another Google UI Test? Search Tips on Web Results Pages

It appears that I might have spotted yet another Google UI test or I’m very late to the party on this one. Regardless, we haven’t mentioned it on the blog before.

Last night I was doing some research about GoogleAlert (the fee-based service) and was searching for info about its developer, Gideon Greenspan.

When I ran a search for “Gideon Greepspan”, I noticed a “Tip” at the top of the results page, abover the first organic result.

Today, when I ran the same search (and others) the tip was not visible.

What does the search tip say? A user could save time by hitting the return key instead of clicking on the search button. I’m checking with Google to see if they will tell me what’s up.

Here’s a screen cap of what I found.

Want to discuss? Have you noticed other search tips appering on web results pages? Share your thoughts and what you’ve seen in this SEW Forums thread.

Postscript: As I said from the outset, I might be very late to the party on this one. Several people have emailed saying that it’s not new and this “tip” appears when a searcher clicks the search button instead of just clicking enter. That makes sense. However, I just ran about 10 searches of varying lengths and with each one clicked the search button. None of my results pages included the “tip” but instead showed nothing where the tip would appear or listed one or more Google OneBoxes for various services like Google Book Search, Google News, Desktop Search Results, etc.

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