Watch SEOs Battle Live & New SEO Humor Site

Matt Cutts

this funny site, SEO
, where you can pit various people in the SEO world against each
other to say who you think would get a site ranked better in a face-to-face

Right now, Matt’s at the top of the
winner list
(but would he be for a battle on Yahoo when pitted against Tim Mayer?), followed
by Dave Naylor, Aaron Wall, Jill Whalen and some Canadian guy (just joking,

are, um, Aaron and Jill at the top of the list? But they were winners? Guess it
shows you win some, you lose some.

Meanwhile, Dave Naylor bares all — heck, he’s bareback and baring all — on
a new SEO humor site he’s launched, SE Ops.
Think of it as Gray Hat Search Engine News
or In Search Of Stuff (yesterday’s

Yahoo To Secure Buzz Aldrin As New Spokesman
had me rolling) with

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