Scoble: Search Champs Talk to MSN VP about Data Turned Over to Feds

Scoble reports from MSN Search Champs about a session where the those in attendance “grilled” MSN Vice President Christopher Payne about what search data Microsoft did and did not hand over to the Department of Justice. As Danny pointed out from the outset, no personally identifiable search information was turned over by any of the engines. In his post, Scoble shares a bit more info and background.

Summarizing Scoble’s post:

  • No IP addresses or identifying information was given over even though the government asked for more.
  • Robert doesn’t say what else the feds wanted.
  • MS renegotiated to make sure no identifying info was turned over.
  • In the session, one attendee said MSN should work with Google and Yahoo and form a “unified front.”
  • MSN Vice President Payne that MS needs to be “for more transparent about these issues.”

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