Lack of Search Marketing During Christmas Season Hurt FTD’s Bottom Line, Head of Marketing Replaced

For your, “the importance of search marketing folder.”

An article from DMNews: FTD: Online Search Misstep Cost Sales, points out that FTD (the flower delivery people) said that not doing more search engine marketing during the Christmas season caused the consumer end of FTD not to do as well as they had planned. The comments were made on Wednesday when FTD announced their quarterly earnings.

From the statement (full text here):
The consumer business’s order growth for the 2005 Christmas season was below expectations [because of] our decision not to pursue high-cost order volume associated with online search,” FTD president/CEO Michael J. Soenen said in a statement. “In anticipation of continued competitiveness in the online search environment and to better manage the consumer segment business going forward, we have made management changes within this segment including the replacement of our head of marketing.”

I wonder if the now replaced head of marketing received some flowers to make him or her feel better? (-:

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