Sharing and Sending Web Content and More Via SMS

I’m constantly sending reminders to myself and others via SMS (text messaging). In today’s SearchDay overview of the new Google Toolbar 4 for IE (beta), Chris points out that a new feature built into the toolbar allows the user to send web content via SMS (or via Gmail or Blogger) to any other SMS user in the U.S. Very cool! Google also offers a “Send to Phone” (U.S. numbers only) extension for Firefox.

Another service that you might want to check out (also free) is called Vazu.

This service requires a small app (free) and allows the user to cut and paste text from web pages, send files, images, and more via SMS to anyone with access to SMS in the U.S. or Canada. Sending content is free with Vazu but of course, make sure you know how much your wireless plan charges to receive messages. With non-text material you’ll need to also have a mobile web browser to view an image or download a file.

More about the phone providers that Vazu is compatible with here. You can even integrate with Outlook. The Vazu client app is available for Windows (2000 or XP) and a widget is available for Mac OS X. The service is compatible with IE and Firefox. Btw, IE users will also want to check out the often useful “Contact Detector” feature.

Also, Yahoo Local and Yahoo Maps, and Yahoo Shopping also provide a send-to-phone features that let the user to receive driving directions, merchant info, and pricing data via SMS. Look for the “Send to Phone” link. More info here.

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