But does it sell cars?

LandRover.jpgLand Rover North America is out with a new marketing effort that aims to show off what the vehicle can do. The centerpiece of the campaign, a TV spot, was filmed in a network of aqueducts underneath the city of Tokyo. The director was Jordan Scott, daughter of the famed Ridley. Sounds pretty cool.

So what do they do online? They are taking viewers “behind the scenes” of the commercial shoot, including documentary footage, still photos and interviews with the crew. (Though I wasn’t able to verify this because landroverusa.com, where the content is supposed to be housed, isn’t showcasing it at the moment.)

“In today’s world of technologically-advanced TV production, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to determine what’s real and what’s computer-generated in advertising, so we’re providing behind-the-scenes information and footage on our website. Here the viewers will come to understand that what they are seeing is completely real and not a dramatization,” said Sally Eastwood, vice president, marketing, Land Rover North America.

Fine, if you’re looking to sell a movie or looking to attract advertising geeks. But will it sell Land Rovers?

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