A Possible Clue into Google’s P2P Future?

The Searchblog post, “Google Going P2P?” points out what might be about a possible clue into what Google’s plans in P2P arena. The post mentions that Sharelive was a file sharing service that shutdown in 2005 and documents some other clues. Of course, as a couple of comments on this post note that it could also be a dead end lead. Why? Here’s some quick sleuthing that I was able to do.

1) Sharelive.com has pointed to Google.com for some time. I used the WHOIS.sc Historical Database to check this out.
2) As noted in a Searchblog comment, lots of sites web forward/re-direct to Google after they go offline or just because they want to point their IP to Google. Here are two examples: SouthWalesAutoSalvage.com and Support-Reverse-Smileys.com
3) The current domain name registration info been in place since approximately May, 2004 and is registered to WhoisGuard. Interesting, this might be something but it’s out of the norm for Google. Why? Google often “holds” domains (before something new is launcehd) with a service named Data Docket and registers the domain through MarkMonitor. This domain was registered by enmom.

Stay tuned.

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