TrueLocal Australia Users Crash Into TrueLocal North America

Jake Baillie from TrueLocal (see our
from December here) mentioned to me earlier this week that down in Australia, a
new Rupert Murdoch/News Corp/News Interactive-backed
truelocal service has launched. OK,
clearly there’s a potential legal issue if Murdoch tries to move his service
into the North American market that Jake’s search engine service. But it’s not a
big deal unless that actually happens, right? Apparently not.
Via Barry over at Search Engine
Will the
real TrueLocal please stand up?
from the Sydney Morning Herald covers how
hundreds of Australians are apparently going to Jake’s TrueLocal rather than

Jake’s quoted in the article as saying News Interactive was aware of his
service. Despite this, I gather News Ltd. decided not having the .com address
was OK. Bad move, though probably a nice payday for Jake down the line.

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