Google Subpoena Update: Judge Delays Hearing for Two Weeks

Declan McCullagh writes that the court hearing orginally scheduled for February 27th to determine if Google will have to turn over search records to the U.S. Department of Justice has been postponed for two weeks and will now take place on March 17th. U.S. District Judge James Ware provided no reason for the delay.

Ware also said that Google’s response to the Justice Department is now due Feb. 17, and the government’s reply is due on Feb. 24. Other organizations such as nonprofit groups, individuals and companies that have permission to file friend-of-the-court briefs have until Feb. 24 to do so.

Prosecutors are requesting a “random sampling” of 1 million Internet addresses accessible through Google’s popular search engine, and a random sampling of 1 million search queries submitted to Google over a one-week period.

More in the article: Judge postpones Google subpoena hearing

I’ve posted the court docket as of Thursday here and the actual court order delaying the hearing here (PDF).

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