The chrisisthebest rohtuaswentahyarg & gurtieisthebest rohtuaswentahyarg SEO Contests

I know, I know. I swore off writing about SEO contests. But the
chrisisthebest rohtuaswentahyarg SEO
contest is different, as it
involves some of my pocket change plus a cool "I Love Larry" T-shirt. There’s
also the gurtieisthebest rohtuaswentahyarg contest run by Gurtie, as she
describes more here. It’s open
to old and new skool SEOers (I’m old skool), but winning will be nearly
impossible. I mean, what’s the "non www version of the www" mean? Anyway, link
to me with both of those terms, so I can
win them both. Meanwhile,
Interview with Tim Mayer is
priceless. Really priceless. I’ll except:

TM; Well, don’t you want to discuss about Yahoo saying they don’t want to
be number one in search?

GHN; Not yet. So what was your surname before you married Marissa?

TM; My wife’s called Christa. We could talk about the latest Yahoo weather

GHN; Yeah in a bit. What’s it like being married to Larry’s ex?

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