France’s Exalead Continues Growing, Database Passes 4 Billion Page Mark

Throughout 2005 one of the most impressive new, general purpose, web engines was Exalead from France. Several of our posts are linked at the conclusion of this article. Exalead offers numerous advanced search features (including a user controlled proximity operator), several ways of viewing results on web results pages, a cool page preview feature, a way to customize your Exalead home page, and more. When I co-taught a online research tools and search class with my friend and colleague, Genie Tyburski, last semester, Exalead was a general search engine that really impressed the class.

Today, we’ve learned that the Exalead index has now passed the 4 billion page mark. Yes, of course, total database size means little (we’ve talked about that many times) but with the very robust advanced search features and syntax along with the various ways of looking at results on a results pages, it’s great to see Exalead not only expanding their overall size but more importantly continuing to develop their services and seeing that another company with it’s own unique web index wants to play with the big boys. If size is the only thing that matters to you (it shouldn’t be) you’ll also be happy to learn that by July of this year, Exalead hopes to have an index of about 8 billion pages.

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