The Wayback Machine Announces Larger Archive

We’ve noticed that the publicly announced total size of permanently archived web pages found in The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has increased in size 15 billion pages today from 40 billion pages to 55 billion archived web pages (versus a web search cache).

The increased page total has now been updated yet on the Wayback home page and it’s also clearly visible on The IA’s home page. Is The Wayback Machine a complete archive of every page on the web? No, not at all. However, it’s the largest one-stop permanent web archive out there and it’s a very important tool for all web researchers. Material in The Wayback Machine dates back to 1996. Kudos and congrats to Brewster and his team. Now, let’s hope keyword search capabilities comeback soon. Btw, you can also find direct links to The Wayback Machine from Gigablast (look for the “Older Copies” link) next to each snippet and Yahoo. Look for The Wayback Machine link in the top box when reviewing a page found in the Yahoo cache.

Postscript: You can also find direct links to The Wayback Machine via On a results page, click the “Site Info” link and then look for The Wayback Machine links in the left column.

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