Adds New Ready Reference Content to Database

It’s great to see that, a “ready reference” service with a growing database of factual information from a wide variety of sources continues to add new content and sources to their database on a very regular basis. Several new “answer” sources have already been added this month. They include:

+ Pop Artists via AMG Pop Artist Bios (e.g. Stevie Wonder, Tori Amos, Pearl Jam…)

Look for bios and discographies. AMG stands for All Music Guide a wonderful reference tool and a favorite site of mine. Btw, AllMusic now contain info on classical music and performers. More about what the AllMusic site itself offers here.

+ Fast Facts – Interesting trivia (e.g. Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley…)

+ Western Birds – Souurce: Peterson Field guide to Western birds (e.g. bar-tailed godwit, yellow-headed parrot, ringed-turtle dove…)

+ Rocks and Minerals – Source: Peterson Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals (e.g. gold, opal, sulfur…)

+ Botanical Glossary: – Source: Glossary for Taylor’s Guide to Annuals (e.g. lateral bud, two-lipped, ray flower…)

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