Nicol Asked to Build MSN into the Portal “It Should Be”

Nicol to ‘bring out the soul’ of MSN from covers how new(ish) MSN general manager John Nicol was asked by Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of information services at MSN, to build the MSN portal into “what it should be,”

an entertainment hub.

The article continues by explaining that MSN has “nearly 60 percent reach among U.S. Web surfers in December” and is “ranked second among portals, behind Yahoo, which has 68 percent active reach, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.” It is John Nicol’s job to build out MSN as a “media network” that is the future of all media networks. That means you can expect to see your media universe connected. Watching a show on TV, hey maybe you want to learn more about the dress one of the characters is wearing? Maybe you want recent news about the football game you are watching? Or maybe you want to buy a ticket to the next baseball game you are watching on TV?

So when can we expect to see this?

Nicol said he is planning a big public launch for the new MSN later this year but expects to roll out some sections and features earlier, like a new travel section, which will come within the next few weeks.

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