Hacking The MSN Search & Win Contest

Yesterday, we reported on MSN Search Offers Prizes to Search where you can go to http://www.msnsearchandwin.com/ search on a keyword phrase and potentially win a prize. Todd at oilman.ca implied in his blog post, how to locate the keywords that will trigger the opportunity to get one of the ads, that you can click on to win a prize. By viewing the source code of the MSN Search and Win page, you can copy and paste one of the thousand or so keywords listed. Any of those keywords will give you the chance to win a prize. Example keywords include; money, cash, money, joy stick, technology, tropical destination and others. But when I tried some other keywords, like libraries it did not exactly work. But most keywords that I have tried, listed in the source code, seems to work.

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Image showing front and back of the rumoured iPhone 8 in blush gold colour, which is a kind of peach brown. A caption in the bottom right corner attributes the image to Benjamin Geskin.
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