Updated AOL Video Coming; Free Classic TV Shows Come Later

Sometime this week, AOL Video is to
begin making use of the Truveo video search
engine that AOL
in December and offer “AOL Hi-Q Videos,” content which is said to
be of DVD quality. USA Today also

that next month, some classic Warner Bros. TV shows such as Welcome
Back Kotter, Kung Fu and Battlestar Galactica (TOS – The Old Series) will be
available for free. Looking today, AOL Video doesn’t appear to have shifted
over. Here’s what AOL says to expect”

The key features of the new AOL Video Search will include a more
streamlined presentation of search results, the inclusion of AOL Hi-Q Videos
(DVD-quality) in the video index, and the integration of video search
technology from Truveo, a company AOL acquired in December 2005. We’re also
continuing to refine the relevancy and recency of results and will make
enhancements on an on-going basis.

Over the past two years, Truveo has pioneered a new technology called
“Visual Crawling” for finding video on the Web. With this technology, our
search engine can now find and index all of the great high-quality video on
the Web that traditional search engines have never been able to find. The 1.8
million videos indexed through Truveo, expand our existing archive of 20,000+
original and licensed videos, and the 2.5 million videos from the Web indexed
through Singingfish.

We believe the integration of Truveo’s powerful technology will firmly
establish AOL Video Search as the go-to destination to find and discover
online video content. As the amount of video content available on the Web
explodes and as users continue to consume online videos at a record pace, AOL
Video Search will continually evolve to meet the growing needs of online

Postscript by Barry Schwartz: Gary Price posted an entry back in November named AOL High Quality Video Downloads, AOL Triton IM Gets Search Box & Sharing MSNBC Articles Via MSN Messenger which is highly related to Danny’s update above.

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